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80s culture, trends and fashion

World events of the 80s
A brief summary of the significant events of the 1980s and the scary correlation to recent history. 1980 | 1981

80s Usenet (newsgroups) - first cultural references
Look back in time and see the Internet of the 80s. See the first mention of Microsoft, Madonna, the Commodore 64 and more trends.

Ideas for an 80s Christmas party
The 1980s provides a great chance to offer a different twist on the often uninspiring Christmas party.

80s party - ideas for an 80s party theme
One of the best things about hosting an 80s party is that it is not too difficult for either the host or guests to join in. These few simple tips will help guarantee the success of any 80s night.

80's ski fashion
It is the late 80s - what do you wear on the ski fields? You can't wear your head band or ski suit at night, so what will keep you warm?

80's blonde jokes
While the baby joke may have appeared at the start of the decade, blonde jokes made their appearance much later - thanks mainly to the fax machine. Here are 25 gags to get you started.

80's baby jokes
The 80s saw the rise of a strange phenomenon - the baby joke. What is a baby joke and why did these jokes spread so far? Warning - this section contains baby jokes that are not to everyone's taste.

80's world population figures and trends
If people make culture - how much "culture" was added to the planet during the 80's?

80's "Nuclear Threat" and war music
Living under the nuclear threat was a justifiable concern to most people in the 80's, and it is no real surprise that it featured in many popular songs of the decade.

80's Apocalyptic Movies
Despite a long list of popular songs about Nuclear war, few films succeeded in using it as a central theme. But they did manage to cement themselves into the memory into 80s culture.

80's big hair gallery
Hair styles of the 80s are one of the most diverse and humorous characteristics of this decade. In part 1 of 'Hair trends of the 80s; series we look at the big hair.

80's Leg warmers: a pictorial tribute
This gallery takes you through some styles of leg warmers during 1983 as they started making an appearance in wider society: here is your chance to see eight wonderful styles of this iconic 80s culture.

80s punk clothes & hair
Punk had started as a 70s street culture. By the 80s, punk's anti-government theme struck a chord with the unemployed and others dismayed at the Thatcher Government (ie middle-class university students).

The history of Rubik's Cube
Follow the story of the cube from its invention in the 70s, to the wide spread craze that saw over 100 million cubes enter households around the world.

Wedding Singer Flaws
Flaws in this film from 1997 that tried to group all of the late 70s and 80s culture into the year of 1985.

The first music video played on MTV
When MTV raised it's head in the early 80's, there would have been some discussion over which music video should mark the music channel's debute. However, any argument would probably have been short-lived, as the final choice is one that few people would find hard to beat. If you thought it was Dire Straits, then you will need to guess again.

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