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Ideas for an 80s Christmas holiday party  

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In December each year, Christmas holiday parties are everywhere from work to school and family. The 1980s provides a great chance to offer a different twist. It is not too dififcult to organise an 80s Christmas party, particularly since most Christmas decorations are already brightly coloured. How much extra effort you want to go to will depend on the event but it can start with a few simple 980s Christmas songs, some decorations and some 80s toys. You can even have an evening with the family watching 80s movies with Christmas themes. Here's how to get started

80s Christmas Music
The easiest part of to an 80s Christmas party. There are many songs to feature from Do they know it's Christmas (Feed the World), Last Christmas to 80s cover versions of many popular Christmas carols and songs. Alternatively, you can pick a year and do a Top 40 countdown. See The 80s Top 40 list by year.

80s Christmas Movies
Movies can be purely Christmas themed or can have 80s as a back drop. Thankfully you are not restricted to fluffy or boring movies. The 80s seemed to embrace Christmas in movies like no other decade. Die Hard, Gremlins, The Meaning of Life are movies not about Christmas, but they embrace the theme. Plus they are not your traditional bland fare. Other options include Trading Places, Better Off Dead. For a stronger Christmas theme, try A Christmas Vacation, Santa Claus The Movie (warning - this movie is quite lame despite starring Dudley Moore and John Lithgow), Blackadders Christmas Carol, Silent Night, Deadly Night and Scrooged.

80s Christmas Gifts.
It would not be an 80s Christmas party without some toys and fads from the decade. Simple toys can include Rubiks cubes, 80s jelly bracelets, action figures, 80s costumes, accessories. there is so much to chose from: start here 80s toys.

Decoration and more 80s party ideas
For more tips about decorations and 80s party themes, get some 80s decorations or see this guide to an 80s party

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