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Video Moments: Duran Duran - Girls On Film
Duran Duran caused quite a stir with the 1982 release of Girls On Film. The extended release video with a remix of the song was highly controversial. It was the first film clip by a popular artist of the 80's to feature full nudity - although it only appeared for a few seconds

Video Moments: It's Raining Men
They obviously had a lot of fun making the It's Raining Men video clip. The video captures and screen shots show only a few of many scary moments - you would never see this kind of video happening now. Download a sample and see for yourself.

The White Room: early 80's video clips.
One of the most striking features of early 80's video clips was the excessive use of the white screen. These videos were shot on video, with sets consisting of no more than a white floor and white backdrop. They would throw so in some odd angles, whacky dancing - here are some of the main offenders.

The white room: creating your own early 80's music video
It is astounding by today's standard that many early 80's video clips were shot in just a few hours. Using the wonders of clip art (thank God this wasn't around in the 80's), here is how many clips were filmed.

1980s Music Video
Watch the bests 80s music videos from the decade that cemented the popularity of this artform.

The Cure - complete video list
This is the complete list of cure videos (excluding concert footage). Even though many of the early music videos were simply The Cure on a stage, over time the clips did evolve, as did Robert Smith's hair.

The Gender Bender Experience
This gallery shows one of the more unique features of the early 80's music and music video - the appearance of cross-dressing performers. Marilyn, Boy George and Divine were joined my Annie Lennox and the Belle stars in this early 80's phenomenon.

The first music video played on MTV
When MTV raised it's head in the early 80's, there would have been some discussion over which music video should mark the music channel's debute. However, any argument would probably have been short-lived, as the final choice is one that few people would find hard to beat. If you thought it was Dire Straits, then you will need to guess again.


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