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Duran Duran: Girls on film


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  Duran Duran caused quite a stir with the 1982 video release of Girls On Film. While there was a tamed down version for TV broadcasting, the extended release video with a remix of the song was highly controversial.

It was the first film clip by a popular artist of the 80's to feature full nudity - although it only appeared for a few seconds, many people weren't sure if they were shocked more by the naked body or the hair dryer she was using. There are several scenes of topless women and sometimes the clip goes well beyond innuendo and is - no pun intended - in your face.

Other accusations for this clip include that it suggested golden showers with girls trickling champagne over each other, lesbian acts (oh no!), bestiality - see the horse imagery below.

For some people, the repetitive imagery just became too much - from young women sliding on poles covered in white goo to mud wrestling, but oddly enough nobody complained about the boofy hair, or the fact one of the band members is seen sporting a flick-comb (the blade in the flick knife had been replaced by a comb).

Interestingly, the members of Duran Duran are only briefly seen during the entire clip. Outside of these occasional band shots, Simon Le Bon makes a cameo as a lifesaver (see left).

This clip really needs to be seen to be appreciated - it is an eye-popper. The Duran Duran 'Greatest' video has the complete uncut 'grown-ups' version and 20 other tracks from 1981 to 96.

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