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80s fashion and the 1980s look

80's big hair gallery
Hair styles of the 80s are one of the most diverse and humorous looks of this decade. In part one of hair fashion series we look at the big hair for both 80s women and men.

80s punk clothes & hair
Punk had started as a 70s street-culture fashion. By the 80s, punk's anti-government theme struck a chord with the unemployed and others dismayed at the Thatcher Government (ie middle-class university students).

80s short hair
If any period deserves the title 'decade of the hair', it is the 1980s. There were so many ways to get the 80s look for hair - up, out, to the left and half-off. As the decade progressed, a new trend in 80s fashion for women started - this was the era of short hair.

80s Clothes
Want to get the 80s look? Here is a quick overview of some charming - and charmless - 80s clothes.

80's Leg warmers: a pictorial tribute
This gallery takes you through some 80s women fashion styles of leg warmers. It's your chance to see eight wonderful styles of this iconic 80s culture.

Fingerless gloves - leather and lace
Need something to wear with your 80s-era legwarmers? Try fingerless gloves - they can still be surprisingly sexy look today. Judge for yourself.

80s Fashion - Puffy the fashion slayer
The rise and fall of pirate fashion - a brief history and pictorial gallery from 1981. It's not just for women. Plus a few well chosen quotes from Seinfeld.

80's ski fashion
It is the late 80s - what look do you wear on the ski fields? You can't wear your head band or ski suit at night, so what will keep you warm?

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