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The history of Rubik's Cube
Follow the story of the cube from its invention in the 70s, to the wide spread craze that saw over 100 million cubes enter households around the world

Solving Rubik's Cube
Need some tips to solve Rubik's cube? Here is a quick start - no spoilers

Rubik's cube - cheating
Fed up with the hard way - why not cheat? Here you can see how to take apart a cube.

The defining 80's arcade games
While the 80's was not responsible for the invention of video games, it can take credit for putting a video game in nearly every milkbar or laundromat across the developed world. Here are the key suspects in starting the craze.

Game and Watch
The Game and Watch hand-helds are an 80s icon that few people today would appreciate. Long before Nintendo's Game Boy or Game Boy Advance, these simple games would destroy the posture of millions of 80s children.

Dig Dug
A simple and addictive game from the 80s that is part of the MAME project. Check out these tips and overview of the game.

Moon Patrol
Tips for playing this classic 80s arcade video game. Although, not as popular as PacMan or Space Invaders, it still has some loyal fans.

Bomb Jack
Released in 1984 by Tehkan, Bomb Jack is a cross between Centipede and Joust. Knowing the bonus system wil lgreatly increase your chance of a monster score.

Resurrection: 80's arcade games on your desktop
MAME is a project responsible for bringing back 80's arcade video games onto the desktop computer. This is not cloning, but the actual software is captured and manipulated so it can run on a PC.

Robby Roto: free early 80's game
The legal owner of Robby Roto has allowed it to be distributed as part of the MAME projest, click here to see why and download your own copy.

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