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Free 80s arcade game: Robby Roto  
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The owner of this software has allowed non-commercial redistribution of the ROM. Here is a copy of his email and the reasons for its release:

From: Jay Fenton <jay@fentonia.com>
To: gridle@mbnet.fi
Date: 5.6.1999 2:11
Subject: Robby Roto ROM released for free non-commercial uses by author/owner

I used to write games for Bally/Midway in the 1970's and early 1980's. One of my less successful titles was Robby Roto. My contract with Midway specified that after shipments dropped below a certain level, that the rights to this game reverted to me. Needless to say, this has happened.

I notice that Robby Roto is available on a few download sites for MAME. I would like the world to know that as the legal owner, the ROM images from Robby Roto are hearby declared free for unlimited non-commercial duplication and play by MAME users.
-- Jay Fenton


Robby Roto needs the MAME emulator to run - see Resurrection: 80's arcade games on your desktop for more details. After installing MAME, copy Robby.zip into the ROMs folder, start MAME and you are off and running. Click here to download the Robby Roto ROM - say it quickly and you can sound like Scooby Doo (28KB, robby.zip).
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