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Bomb Jack - tips and history  

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Bomb Jack was released in 1984 by Tehkan. It looks a cross between Centipede and Joust. Your objective is to clear the screen of all the bombs. This is done by hopping over the screen with the controller. A longer press of the jump button will send you about three-quarters of the screen - in order to get to the top, you will need to stop on at least one platform (that is, two jumps). If you press the jump button quickly, your cape will flap. This will not allow you to move up, but it will slow your descent and help avoid the monsters.

The only way to lose a life in Bomb Jack is to touch one of the monsters. As the level progresses, more will start to appear. The one to watch is the UFO, the longer a level takes to complete, the faster it will move. Bomb Jack starts off very simply, with just a handful of slow moving enemies. Level 1 is pictured above. As the the player progresses through each level, more creatures are added and they move faster. The levels also change in their format.
Bonuses & Powerups
Bomb JackBombs with a lit fuse are worth more points. Collect them in sequence and you will score maximum points. This is quite difficult, particularly in the top corners. Bomb Jack awards special bonuses too - collect 20 bombs in order (there are 23 in total) and you'll get 10,000. Collect all 23 and you'll get a monster 50,000 points.

Three types of powerups are available - the S, B and P. S is a special and awards a credit - a rare event in most 80s video games. The B powerup appears every 5000 points and will advance the multiplier by 1x, to a maximum 5x per level. The P powerup is interesting because its value changes depending on how many times Bomb Jack jumps. You can score between 100 and 2000 points. Also, powerups will turn your enemies yellow - just like the big pills in Pacman, this allows you to attack the enemies and score points. It will also keep them off the screen for a short period. This can be handy when you are trying to go for the 50,000 bonus.

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