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The Cure - Complete Video List


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These clips are what you need to have the complete collection of Cure videos (excluding concert footage). Even though many of the early music videos were simply The Cure on a stage, over time the clips did evolve. As you can see from the images below, Robert Smith also slowly changes. As each clip was produced, his hair became bigger, his face whiter and lipstick became deeper red.

Note: Some sites and file sharing programs do have illegal copies of Cure videos available but the sound quality is appalling. Most videos are often ripped from programs such as MTV, so you have to put up with the beginning and ends missing or with 'VJ' voice overs, the MTV logo and sound quality that makes AM radio seem crystal clear. When you download The Cure videos files, even over a fast connection while choosing larger file sizes, many of the subtle changes and sometimes crappy 80s special effects become lost. For these reasons you are probably better off actually buying the video collections as they are often no more than the price of an audio cassette. In case you are wondering why no videos from the 1999 Blood Flowers album are listed, there are none. While on tour in late 2000, Robert Smith was asked what happened to music videos for Blood Flowers. His response was:

'Primarily I am fed up with making videos. We did one to Wrong Number, a single off the Galore album, and no one showed it. So it seemed a waste of time making another that no one was going to show. The days of us just making a darkly funny video and getting it shown endlessly on MTV are gone. And I'm sort of thankful they are.'
Cure video - a forest
A forest

CCure video - Charlette sometimes
Charlotte sometimes

Cure video - In between days
In between days
10:15 Saturday Night
Boys Don't Cry
A Forest
Charlotte Sometimes
Hanging Garden
Play For Today
Let's Go To Bed
The Walk
Love Cats
The Caterpillar
In Between Days
Close To Me
Night Like This
Why Can't I Be You?
Just Like Heaven
Hot Hot Hot
Fascination Street
Love Song
Pictures Of You
Never Enough

1990 onwards
Friday I'm In Love
Letter To Elise
The 13th
Mint Car
Wrong Number

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