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World population figures


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If people make culture - how much "culture" was added to the planet during the 80's? Well according to the US Census Bureau, the 80's saw the world population increase by 820 million people. From a population of 4.4 billion in 1980, the final population by the end of the decade approached 5.2 billion (at the end of 1999, the population passed the 6 billion mark).

According to the Census data, there is an interesting - or dubious - fact about the 80's. This decade saw the highest increases of human population in all history. Fortunately this was a peak and the rate of increase has been declining since the 90s. See the second chart below.
Total world population:

Population growth from 1980-1990
Source: US Census Bureau

World population increase by year:
peaking in 1986-1989

Increase in population
Source: US Census Bureau

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