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The transfer of the Newsgroup (Usenet) archives from DejaNews to Google Groups has meant that many posts from the 80s are visible again. Now is your chance to look back in time and relive the Internet of the 80s. Thanks to Google Groups you can see the first posts of topics covering Microsoft, Madonna, the Commodore 64 and more. Here are highlights to get you started (message will open in a new window):


  • May 1981 First mention of Microsoft

  • Jun 1981 First mention of Microsoft MS-DOS

  • Aug 1981 First review of the IBM-PC

  • Mar 1982 First mention of MTV

  • Apr 1982 First mention of Sun Microsystems

  • Jun 1982 First mention of Star Wars Episode 6 (Return of the Jedi)

  • Jul 1982 First mention of a compact disc

  • Aug 1982 First mention of the Commodore 64

  • Aug 1982 First mention of Apple's Lisa and Macintosh products

  • Dec 1982 Announcement of first cell phone deployment in Chicago

  • Dec 1982 First thread about AIDS

  • Feb 1983 First "Me too" post

  • Feb 1983 First mention of a Fax machine

  • Jul 1983 First mention of Madonna

  • Nov 1983 First mention of Microsoft Windows

  • Jan 1984 First reference to Apple's Super Bowl commercial

  • Aug 1984 First mention of the Commodore Amiga

  • Apr 1985 First discussion about 'New Coke'

  • Jan 1986 First mention of the Challenger tragedy

  • May 1986 First thread about the Chernobyl meltdown

  • Jun 1989 First post about Tiananmen Square massacre

  • Jun 1989 Brad Templeton announces ClariNet - the first "dot com"

  • Sep 1989 First mention of The Simpsons

  • Nov 1989 First post from Berlin after the wall came down

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