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The Rubik's Cube - cheating  

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How to take apart a Rubik's cube.
Warning: taking apart a cube may damage it. This is the main reason lots of them ended up in bits. If something goes wrong you can buy a Rubik's cube for about $10 (try here).

However, it can provide some interesting insight into its inner-workings. To pull apart the Rubik's cube, put it on a hard flat surface. With a thin blunt instrument such as a medium sized flathead screwdriver (don't use a knife or any other sharp instrument), gently work the screw driver into the gap directly above one of the centre spindles - don't try this on a corner, or it will snap. When the screwdriver is in a few millimetres, gently lever the so the edge piece is slowly forced up. The piece should suddenly pop up, but don't press too hard. With this piece removed, all the remaining pieces can be slid out.
You will find it easier if you rotate the face of a the Rubick's cube by about 45 degrees, but this will require a little more balancing with the screwdriver.

If you want to reassemble the cube, use a flat surface to hold the pieces in place. Thread them in one at a time until the last piece to insert is an edge. You should gently press down on the edge and it should pop back into place.

cube apart Some people try removing the stickers - but this will destroy the look of the cube. The stickers corners will become frayed and with oil from your fingertips they won't stay on properly. Plus it is hard to line up the squares. However, as a child it is a fun trick to pull on an older brother or sister. Simply change two of the stickers - but not too obvious like a corner. Then mess the Rubik's cube up.

As noted above if you want to buy a Rubik's cube, they are available for about $10 (try here).

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